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Monday, July 24, 2017

Action # 36: More SoSS

There are so many causes and so little time.

U. asked me if I want to take Jane Goodall's Conservation Masterclass.  I do. I also have a change in teaching position this year that will require my attention, personal goals for more meditation, am about to complete my new special education endorsement and a hope next summer to become a child's yoga teacher. All these things are for the benefit of the world and are thus a form of activism. It's all too much though. Doing 100 notable actions is really not easy.

Sometimes it's steady commitment that is the most important.

Yesterday was our fifth meeting of the local SoSS. There are times I feel I just show up. That would be good enough, but yesterday I hosted and I think some things I said were particularly important yesterday. Doesn't feel like a huge deal, but it does matter. So chalk up another action.



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