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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Leaf Blowing

The last time I visited home, I visited so many people that I neglected to visit places I loved.

This morning I got up very early and, among other things, went to my favorite park in Portland. I took my yoga mat (which is now muddy), found a sort of secluded but also pretty spot by the river, and did yoga. (I'm quite proud that I was not terribly self-conscious.)

There were hardly even a dozen people in the park, not counting some people doing early fishing on the water. But this guy with a leaf blower was able to fill the whole park with his leaf blowing noises. I guess I'm grateful to have clear paths, but how did they do that in the old days? I bet the early pioneers used whatdoyoucallthem "brooms" to clear the paths when they went to the park to do yoga.

There was also broken glass near my special secluded and pretty spot.

It's never a good idea to romanticize a place to much or you can get disappointed.

I had fun anyway. No regrets.

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