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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm a PLPeep! My second day back at work (really looking forward to blogging about the summer as I ease back into the school year) and I'm at a "kickoff session" for something called a PLP. (Stands for Powerful Learning Practice). We're going to be spending a year as an online learning community about how to make technology work in our classrooms. I'm having a lot of fun today linking into new ways to personally use the web to allow for this kind of collaboration, but I'm also frightened. This world of technology is not the world I was born into and I wasn't planning on raising my daughter in a world that looks like this. But as they discussed this morning, this is just what's happening. It's really not optional. So thank goodness I can be part of a community where I can express these worries and fears and adapt, however uncomfortable it might be. Change IS uncomfortable. That hopefully will be a lead-in at some point for another blog post I've been meaning to right for months about a partnership minyan I'm part of. My workshop session is starting again... time to tune back in.


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