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Sunday, June 03, 2007

First Tooth

No, no not mine. Don't be silly...

That's right. Tonight ND was nursing at bedtime and suddenly lunged at my finger rather than my breast. As she chewed on the finger I suddenly felt it. Front, bottom, right. A little sharp thing. I can see it too.

I feel really happy about this. Proud, relieved for her that the pain of the first one is done. I sang mazel tov to her and she smiled at me.

So any of you nursing moms want to tell me how this is going to work from here on out?

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Anonymous alissa said...

Can't help you with the nursing thing, but... ow.

Happy first tooth, ND!!

10:14 PM

Blogger eisraeldavis said...

Don't worry. She's unlikely to be chompy now that her tooth is out. The teeth are also slanted such that they won't interfere with nursing. It's quite nicely designed. No one I know has lost a nipple to their baby yet.

11:24 AM


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