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Monday, June 14, 2010


Was diagnosed last week with bronchitis... left work on Wed to go to urgent care and stayed home on Thursday. Last night realized I was still fatigued and went into a major panic yesterday. A friend of mine died from ovarian cancer just two weeks ago. 

Despite all reason, I could not be left alone without feeling totally overwhelmed with terror and/or anger directed at myself for feeling the terror. 

Came to school late today because I felt I really needed to be there. Many backseat driver doctor friends in the staff room things worse by asking if I was on the right meds, if it could be something worse etc. etc. I confirmed with both my own doctor and the urgent care that prescribed the meds in the first place. Both said the fatigue is normal and that it's ok to go on the Statue Of Liberty field trip tomorrow.

Thank goodness by about 2:30 I actually started to feel a little better physically and, as a result, emotionally.

But my GOSH the FEAR! 

I guess my best hope is that I continue to live with this fear and obsession when I get sick... until I'm 90 or so.

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Blogger Alissa said...

until 120.

r'fuah shlema!!

11:02 AM


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