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Friday, February 22, 2013

Hilchot Deot

I'm posting below a letter that I wrote and will be sharing in shul this weekend for Parsha Zachor while we make a small siyum for our learning of Hilchot Deot. 

To the Sandy Hook Community,

You don’t know us. We are a small Jewish community in Englewood, New Jersey. We have no direct connection with you.

However, last December when tragedy struck your community, we were heartbroken for you. Like millions of others, we felt pain, loss and hopelessness on your behalf and wondered what we could do.

What we chose to do was to take this as an opportunity to come together ourselves and work towards becoming better people. While we rarely set aside time for communal Torah study, we came together over a period of seven weeks to learn a classic Jewish text called Hilchot Deot which guides us towards being the best people we can be.

We continue to feel heartbreak for you but hope that this gesture may in some way help to make our world a better place.

May we know no more sorrow.

                                                Kehillat Kesher Community
                                                Englewood, NJ

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