Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photos at 38 1/2

Yes, 38 weeks and 5 days, actually. Some people do lots and lots of photos of themselves during pregnancy. I admit I've taken a few of myself with my computer camera. (I can hold the mouse and click it even if I'm standing away from the computer.) But they're not great quality and I don't really feel right about showing off that much.

However, I wanted SOME good pictures of the very end (or as close as I am to the end) just to prove that I really did look rather different. So U. took these last night. (I was annoying and bossy telling him how to do it. Glad it's done.)


Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!! I can't believe that it seemed like only yesturday you were posting the photo of the pregnancy test :) Enjoy these last few days of feeling the baby move..I loved that part of pregnancy.
-Declan's Mom

alissa said...

You look so beautiful ;)

Al said...

Wonderful! You're a great director.:-)