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Sunday, August 31, 2008


When I was in high school I became very inspired by a group of adults in my life who were way fun to hang out with, helped me really get into being Jewish and more.

The most pivotal of these people was 32 years old. 32 became a sort of landmark for me of being a real grown-up, a fully realized happy one.

Well, here I am about to start the first week of school and feeling really good about my work preparing for it. It will be my 8th year teaching and 4th in this current school.

At the same time, I've got this great family and a house now. And at this house today I bought a bird feeder which was my final step towards getting my backyard certified as a wildlife habitat.

I had these thoughts as I was out biking, just for fun... something I have barely done since we moved here and not done at all since I was pregnant. Just got my bike fixed recently and am eager to buy a bike trailer for ND to ride in back while we do errand, enjoy being outside and get exercise at the same time.

In short, I've arrived. I love what's in my life and am grateful to Hashem for getting me here.

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Blogger Morey & Alissa said...

You've been gone 4 years already?!

Actually, thinking about your post, it's more like "you've been arrived for 4 years already?!" ;)

I like posts like these; I like hearing how happy you sound!

8:48 AM


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