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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Chances

We just watched Seven Chances by Buster Keaton.

In the clip above, you just get some awesome stunt action, all actually life-threatening and performed by Buster Keaton himself of course (while staying completely in comedic character).

The story is about James Shannon who will inherit a fortune if he marries by 7 PM. He only wants to marry his true sweetheart, but his business partner puts an ad in the paper saying he'll marry whatever woman shows up at the church at 5. When 500 women show up and feel slighted at being the butt of some joke, they go after him.

So you'll have to forgive me but I must get political here. Doesn't this sound a little familiar? Very inspiring Democratic National Convention this week and here's John McCain,

"Dammit, my convention's next week. I don't want to be overshadowed by this minority candidate who won the nomination over a popular woman candidate... gotta get someone good to be my VP... hmmm, should I go Black or female... let's go woman... a woman... any woman..."

I look forward to seeing the 500 Republican women who realize what a joke this is going after him. I just doubt he can dodge the rocks so gracefully!

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Blogger Al said...

Good pun! I thought for a sec you accidentally named ND.:-) Buster Keaton is amazing.

Although I didn't watch all of episodes of The Daily Show last week, John Stewart's line when talking to Mike Huckabee on Thursday was priceless and summed up the GOP/RNC's disconnect from reality:

"So you believe that only your party can undo the damage that your party has done over the past eight years."

Mike Huckabee: "Yes"

10:10 AM


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