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Monday, November 27, 2006

Speaking The Same Language

A friend of mine is traveling soon and says she's eager to know when the baby comes. I said one hint might be that I DON'T blog that day. So now I'm kind of obligated to continue my daily entries.

I just had the most awesome conversation. There's a kid who I tutored over the summer that I just adore. And I feel totally at ease with her mom. I just called to say hi because I saw the mom at school awhile ago and didn't have a chance to talk. Also, I had intended to check in during the school year to see how the child was doing, but her teachers said she was doing really well, so I hadn't wanted to seem I was pressuring to do more tutoring. Well, as I say, I just called. We talked about the girl and how she's doing and the possibility that I might be able to work with her again further down the line although (or because) she's doing so well right now.

Well, awhile ago I posted on here about how much I'd love to teach meditation to kids someday. The biggest piece that is missing is that I haven't known which parents to approach or how to do it. But I took the plunge today and brought it up.

The mother said she wasn't sure if here daughter would be interested or not (it's possible), but asked if I'd work with adults. I told her I don't feel as qualified with teaching adults, but that I have my own experience to draw from and would love to share it with her. She started getting really excited, talking about what sorts of internal things she wants to work on, and I was able to tell her that I have techniques I would use if I were in her position.

I'm THRILLED. Maybe I'll actually get to do a little of this work at some point when my life levels out again. I was happy to hear how happy she was to discuss it.

But best of all, she really told me to focus on myself right now and she used just the kinds of language I love to remind me that this time is too important to focus on anything outside of myself and this birth right now. It's such a delight to find someone who speaks my language.

Oh, and I bet we could get her daughter interested, but it would have to be on the daughter's terms. :)

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Anonymous alissa said...

For the record, a woman I know sent an SMS text message to her blog while she was sitting in a wheelchair in labour, being admitted to hospital.

I don't expect that, but maybe you have someone close enough to you, whom you would contact anyway, who can update your blog with a quick note? Cause, otherwise, you know, you're gonna have to make a LOT of phonecalls, which means nursing, diaper changes, sleeping, etc., will all have to be put aside ;)

11:00 PM

Blogger Evenewra said...

We'll see... I'm actually hoping to post something on here before going to the hospital, but I certainly don't want to count on the possibility.

Everyone who needs to know will find out all in due time. :)

8:20 AM


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