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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This Whole Due Date Thing

So I felt sick on Thursday-Saturday with flu symptoms. Stayed home from work and felt guilty for it as I wrote to you there. Yesterday I was back and amazed at how many people were surprised I was there. A lot of them figured I was just DONE. (My last day of work is this Wednesday which, thankfully, is a pre-Thanksgiving halfday.) It was a relief seeing them so glad to see me instead of spitting on the floor, turning up their noses and saying, "Well at least you're here now! Not like last week when you abandoned your post." (Not sure why I would have expected that.) This makes it easier for me to think about leaving in the midst of all the ACTION that seems to be constantly happening there.

Now I'm actually feeling sick again as of last night. I guess I pushed a bit hard on Sunday and Monday having not yet recovered. So I need to try and take it easy today and I'm grateful tomorrow is such a short day.

I do NOT want to be sick during labor. I was already sick on my wedding day. I've been trying to appreciate my body for choosing illness as a way of communicating to me wisely that I need to pull back from work. So now that I'm leaving anyway, I need it to be healthy.

This morning I checked in at Babes In Blogland which is keeping track of people's birth situations. I noticed that nobody with my due date or later has had early babies. So I take that, reliable or not, as a sign that I still have a little time.

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Blogger Shana said...

Well, actually, I'm REALLY behind on updating births, due in part to having a couple of sick kids but also due to stupid Blogger and its inability to consistently publish RSS feeds. Grrrrr.

So, anyway, I'm spending my evening checking all the November blogs to see if babies have been born and am getting updates done. There should be a clearer picture of who's given birth and who is still in limbo soon.

Oh, and thank you for the mention! I'm glad you're using my little site.

12:48 AM

Blogger Evenewra said...

Oh no... so what does that mean for my own timing? Will I get to have that Thanksgiving dinner or will I be in the hospital? Is there still time to go out to a movie? (Didn't make it Sunday.)


7:46 AM


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