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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bear Mountain

A great day. ND and I visited old college friend and her two girls up in Cold Spring, NY. We left there at 2 so she could get some work done and, despite a rainstorm, decided to check out Bear Mountain State Park

I can't believe we never came here before. Next time relatives visit and we have time for a whole day outing, this is the place to go instead of Manhattan. Hiking trails, boat rental, swimming pool, carousel, zoo and all of it surprisingly quiet! (It's quieter than our neighbors of late who seem to always be talking or playing radios in the yard when I'd like to just relax.)

I'm totally exhausted, but ND and I got a lot out of today. Besides picnic and running in a sprinkler in the morning with the friends, we got to rent a paddle boat and see the animals in the zoo at Bear Mountain. I just wish I'd had a stroller. We were both exhausted and, as a result, I carried ND a lot of the way on my back. As you can imagine, I'm about to collapse. 

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Blogger Alissa said...

I *love* Bear Mountain! I used to go backpacking for the weekend at Bear Mt, hang out at the lodge, day hiking... I even rented a cabin there after my first (practice) wedding for about 12 of us to hang out after the reception. Every year for the next many years, I'd rent a cabin there with a group of friends. I'd go ice skating, and there's even a little dinky ski slope, if you're really desperate (or really beginner ;) ). Also, by the zoo, there's an old redoubt from the Revolutionary War.

Bonus? It's not too far from West Point which is also a very cool place to visit. I forget exactly where it is, but somewhere between Bear Mt and West Point, there's a monument that marks the (not so brilliant idea of?) the chain that was stretched across the Hudson as a means of preventing the British from making their way down the river. I think the base link is still there.

Sometimes I forget how very cool it was to grow up in Westchester. :)

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