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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Yes, another number post. Last night I turned 31 at 11:29 PM Pacific Time. Since I'm on the east coast, I actually turned 31 today so I'm claiming the entire weekend as my birthday.

My best physical present:

- A turquiose necklace from U.

My non-physical well-timed presents:

- The end of the school year. I have so many projects I can't wait to start (and hopefully finish).

- Yesterday ND was trying so hard to talk and sounded a LOT like she was repeatedly saying, "I love you." We experimented with her, giving her other words to try, but she wanted the multi-syllabled. And adding on, she just almost got out "dad" not "mom" but we're having fun with her. Plus, I learned a new way to get her to giggle. It employs the fine art of tickling.

- Hopefully the three of us are going today to Sunnyside although I'm a little nervous for ND. She has a nasty cold now. We were both up most of the night. She was in bed with me, but was always either nursing or screaming with little variation. (She's in a good mood now, thankfully.) I guess if she sleeps in the car we're ok.

- I have another article out today... number 4. Letting My Hair Grow Again. I can't help but reflect how excited I always get to see a new article in print, and then how scared and embarassed I feel. I know that with time it will pass. I am proud of this one because it's one of the fastest I've written. It often takes me months, even years, to finish a piece. I let my work lie fallow for long stretches and revise too often. This one I turned around in less than a month. My only actual regret is that the end makes it sound like my cancer history does not still haunt me. It does, just very differently. Maybe that's just inspiration for another article -- one of my many summer projects.

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