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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Action #26: Email about Sudan

Emailed my senators about the famine in the Sudan. Apparently there is a vote this week about giving them support.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Coolest Niece Ever

My niece is hiking the PCT. I'm in awe.

Wish I could remember how to add blog list to the scroll on the side of this page but I don't remember how.


Since I didn't go to the Science March, I was able instead to attend the first Tiferet bat mitzvah! It was a wonderful event. A special tweak was that at the last minute they needed a stand-in to bring out the Torah. I've done it so many times I was able to without even feeling nervous!

Action #25: Science March... sort of

I was going to go to the Science March, bags packed and everything. Then I realized I would have to leave work earlier than originally planned for a fighting chance to arrive before Shabbat started. Unfortunately, I had to bag out, but U went instead.


Action #24: Sent money

I'm told this is a cause that will never win, but I won't give up. Sent money to Everytown USA.