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Friday, January 25, 2013


I just got back last night from a trip to visit family. After living a different way in a different place for a few days, there is a way in which my regular routine doesn't quite fit yet, like clothes coming out of the drier that are way too wrinkly or maybe a little shrunk.

I feel the urge to clean and purge.

I think this is a normal feeling for me, but it's always a little unsettling.

On another note, I'm not on the blog much and I think it's for two basic reasons. I'm writing a whole lot more towards publication, and doing so successfully, so there's less time to put in here. Secondly, I feel the need to guard privacy more. Is that because of the writing? Is it because of Facebook? Is it a new stage in my life? Not sure. Interesting though. I'm glad to still have this forum available when I want it.

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IPads In The Classroom

Another article of mine up as of yesterday -- Using and Not Using iPads To Teach Reading.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Movement Of Water

I had a second piece of fiction published this week. I'm very proud of this.

I also got a rejection letter last night from the same group. No, not a rejection... a tentative acceptance if I make some revisions. No, not a rejection at all. I'm on a role, but it's hard work. The story I'm referring to is one I already worked on for about a year and a half and I don't want to have to go back into it, but I know they're right in what they said.

Ah well... flying to Austin to visit family today. Maybe I'll have some inspiration on the long flight.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Brief Thought About Stuff

I have many things I want to write on here lately... nothing big. Just "what's the purpose of life" kind of general stuff. But it will wait until I have some more time. (Yes, I;m being a big tongue in cheek here.)

A profound thought to share briefly... I got in the mail a couple of things today belonging to Michael who died in September. I've had things given to me that were inherited from family before, but never quite experienced this... I know his family is cleaning out stuff that they won't want to keep anymore, and I happened to get some of it.

I'm touched they took the time to send some to me.

I have to figure out what to do with it. I feel reverence and also some pulls towards recycling. Is there literature on how to cope with this kind of thing?

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