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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel

Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh my gosh

Has it really been 21 days since I've blogged!!!???

Busy busy busy month.

Parent-teacher conferences, anecdotal report cards, ND's 2nd birthday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), visit from my parents and a trip to ER, now snow storms!

I'm still in the midst of the anecdotals, but I have to at least just tell the world that we're still here.

The ER trip was a day after ND's b'day when my parents were still here. The poor little thing got a stomach virus that made her throw up 15 times! She needed to be rehydrated and it broke all of our hearts to see her on the IV. But I'm not going to dwell on it here, because thank G-d she's totally fine now and that trip is long past. She's doing beautifully and most recently is learning to sing. If she weren't asleep right now I'd make a little movie with her to post. Maybe later this week...

This entry does not feel or sound like me, but it's what I have time for right now. Things will settle down again in about two weeks...

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Monday, December 01, 2008


I wrote that last post in a hurry as I was adjusting to being back at home and wanting to just sort of touch base with myself before I finished my AM routines and headed to work.

But then once I got on the yoga mat I realized I was not going to work at all. Very much enjoying now spending the day at home. Also just got a call from my assistant/partner who told me things are going very well and she has no interest at all in me even pretending to want to come in for the afternoon. I wasn't going to at this point anyway, but I love that she's so competent.

Meanwhile, ND turns 2 this Saturday! I'm wondering what I'll post about that? I'm in constant awe of her, even the wrestling we had to do on the plane yesterday to keep her from putting down the tray on the seat ahead again and again and again and on not throwing crayons and crackers on the ground.

Lately she's fascinated by possession. Everything is, "Mine," "Dat Mommy's _______" (insert object name) or "Dat Da-da's ________".

On Thanksgiving day she said her name correctly for the first time and not just the last two syllables. But she hasn't kept that up.

So exciting that my parents are coming for her birthday this weekend!

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I have done a terrible job of blogging recently. And I don't have time now either, but don't want to fall too far out of habit.

Got a nasty cold this Thanksgiving weekend that started on Friday while we were in Dallas visiting family. I've several times times heard recently about the importance of surrendering to a cold and letting your body go through it gracefully. I didn't even have vitamins with me on the trip, and I'm glad. I feel like, just like sometimes people go through a depression and bounce back full blast and full of life, I've been able to let my body go instead of sort of propping it up with "remedies" and not gaining a full recovery. I've also escaped the stomach aches from too much vitamin c or zinc.

In the meantime, ND got to spend some wonderful time with cousins, an aunt, uncles and a saba and savta. We had a lovely time and I got to rest with all those people hanging out with ND.

Busy weeks ahead!

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